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SWEATY is Steinbach’s only semi-private high-performance training centre. We create unique training plans for you and your team. We make our plans based on individual body composition, muscular strength, and muscular endurance, power, and agility tests. These tests help you to know where you are starting and provide a baseline to measure improvement.

We want to help you be the best you can. Our trainers have degrees in Kinesiology and have earned top tier certification for personal training. We also keep enhancing our education to be able to help you use the newest and best techniques to improve your performance.


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SWEATY has now officially partnered up with Blue Chip Training Centre.

After collaborating with Blue Chip Training over the past few years to provide our hockey athletes with a more comprehensive program, we have now officially partnered up to provide hockey players with a more accessible and detailed training program.

The skating treadmill is an amazing tool to teach skaters how to become more efficient in their stride. With video, we can easily break down an athletes stride and find out where they are most inefficient and how they can correct it. All without chasing them around an ice surface. This provides immediate and visual feedback which helps athletes both learn and retain what they need to work on.

Now having the treadmill in the same location as the gym, we can also teach athletes how they can increase their power and skating mechanics through exercise.

The Sweaty Difference


Each of our training programs is fine tuned for the person we are training. We create custom programs for each athlete and make sure that the training is selected to achieve their desired results.

Statistically Stronger

We use a series of standardized fitness tests to monitor each individual’s progress and adjust their training program to help them develop better. We can say with confidence that our clients have improved while training with SWEATY.

Rapid Recovery

By training with SWEATY you will be able to mitigate injuries and improve your recovery time.

Lifestyle Training

High-performance also means healthy lifestyles. We work with individuals looking to improve their general fitness and wellbeing. With each personalized training package, we also offer nutritional counselling to clients to help improve their wellness.

See How Sweaty Training Can Make the Difference for You!

Our Facility

SWEATY has everything needed to train athletes and clients of all levels. In our 2200 sq/ft gym we have a Power Pool for non-impact training, open gym space for dynamic training, and open artificial turf space. During summer months, we also have a large grass space and double beach volleyball courts available.

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