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SWEATY is Steinbach’s only semi-private high performance training centre for athletes. We offer the most comprehensive strength and conditioning programs for athletes in the Eastman area, as well as providing the best personal training programs for those who may not be aspiring athletes.

We pride ourselves in our education, knowledge and experience in training athletes and clients at every level. Every trainer has achieved a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, along with acquiring the highest level of certification for personal training.

Along with our training programs we offer nutritional counselling and have direct access to Dieticians, Athletic Therapists, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Reflexologists and Sport Physicians all in the same building.


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The Sweaty Difference


We are driven by the success of our clients. Nothing makes us happier than seeing all our clients improve and reach their specific training goals.


Each person’s success is derived from the work that they put in, and we will push you to work to your utmost capacities to achieve that. You can have the best program available but if you don’t put in the work needed you won’t get the results you are looking for


Everything we do at SWEATY is based off the time tested scientific principles of fitness and conditioning. We continually upgrade our training certifications, and keep updated on all the latest research in our field.

Attention to Detail

Everybody is unique and not all exercises will work, or are suitable for everybody. Working with individuals and small groups of no more than 4 people allows us to adapt exercises and programs to each person’s individual needs and abilities.


Each athlete we train is put through a series of standardized fitness tests, which we use to monitor individuals progressions. This also helps identify what areas may need more attention in each athletes overall development. For agility and speed testing we team up with RISE Sport testing to get the most accurate data available.


Holding the highest levels of certification, we as trainers at SWEATY have to update our education and certification on a yearly basis. This ensures that all trainers keep up to date on the latest trends, research and exercise application techniques.

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Our Facility

SWEATY is a one of a kind 2200 sq/ft gym designed to meet the specific training requirements for all athletes. SWEATY is the only facility in the Eastman area that is equipped with a Power Pool that is used for non-impact training.

We have everything needed to train athletes and clients of all levels, from beginners to elite athletes. Along with plenty of open space in the gym and artificial turf, we have a large open grass space, and double beach volleyball courts for training speed, agility and power outdoors in the summer months.

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