Baseball Program

Coming this November, 2,100 sq/ft of turfed flooring enclosed with baseball netting, which has a retractable centre netting that can be used to create 2 full batting/pitching cages.

A 16-week program designed for youth athletes  (13-18) to improve their technique, skills and confidence in themselves and prepare them to make the leap into a high performance team (ie. AAA or college professional).

Participants will develop the 5 tools of the game: speed, throwing, fielding, hitting and power over the course of the 16 weeks through consistent practice and by progressively working on strategies of the game. 

They will become competent in their movements and technique by developing body awareness with guidance from Coach Dan on breaking down and analyzing the movement. Not only will they understand how to refine their own techniques and skills but will also be able to teach others how to complete the movements.

The program will consist of a proper functional warm up, high repetition drills with low load, focus on footwork and dynamic movements and incorporating the baseball skill set, fielding, hitting, throwing and pitching.

The program is also accompanied by a 1/2 hour Strength and Conditioning session by one of SWEATY’s CSEP Certified Trainers. Each S&C session will be age and training level appropriate, with the focus on building all the physical capacities needed for the sport of baseball with a major focus on injury prevention.


Example session:

  • 10 min dynamic warmup
  • 20 mins fielding and defensive skills (throwing, position specific footwork)
  • 20 mins hitting
  • 10 mins position specific conditioning (infield, catcher, outfield, pitching)

The 16 week program is available as a weekly or twice weekly option and includes a 30 minute 1:1 assessment for each participant at the beginning and end of the program to measure results.


Dan Degagne

Dan is an all around athlete and enjoys all sports but is passionate about cycling, baseball and volleyball and has experience coaching in all three areas. In addition, he has coached and played baseball internationally. He is an avid cyclist and has participated in numerous races and recently attempted to complete a long distance cross country trail – Tour Divide ( Continental Divide Trail).

As a coach, he believes that every athlete is capable of achieving their goals and aims to provide them with the tools they need to develop their strengths and capabilities.

He has a natural ability to analyze a players movements by watching them move and make suggestions to increase efficiency and reduce risk of injury, while dissecting and going into depth on biomechanics helping the athlete develop body awareness.

Dan is approachable and engaging while challenging athletes to push their limits in a safe environment. His experience coaching various sports allows him to reference other movements and use cross-disciplinary training (ex, slapshot comparison to teach a child how to swing a baseball bat or defensive footwork in volleyball to defensive footwork in baseball).


1-on-1 $65.00

Buddy $40.00

Group of 3 $31.50

Group of 4 $26.50

Group of 5 (+) $20.00

(16 weeks)

1 hour technical training, 1/2 hour strength & conditioning

1 day/week $900.00

2 days/week $1,500.00