Team Dryland Training

SWEATY’s team training ensures that teams maintain their fitness levels throughout their season. Team programs help teach team members to work together, push each other, and provide team bonding outside of the team’s typical field of play while still working on sport development. Team programs are set up to appropriately coincide with each team’s game and practice schedules. The purpose is not solely to push teams through a rigorous workout every time they enter the gym, but to prepare them appropriately for each week at hand as each week throughout a season will have varying challenges with number of games or practices per team.

When possible, we go out to see the team play so we can adjust the training based on the needs of both practice and game time. This allows teams to get the results that they want in competition and improve their practice habits.

We also conduct team fitness tests upon request, which can help determine where teams may need to put in extra work. Testing throughout the season can also be of benefit for the coaching staff to better understand how athletes are responding to dryland training, as well as their practice and game schedules. It can also help coaches understand how each member of the team is progressing and identify which athletes are truly putting in the extra time and effort into their sport.

We offer full team training for all sports. We can also arrange to train teams off-site for their convenience.

Starting at $160/session