Sport Strength and Conditioning

Individual or Small Group Training

Sweaty Training & Conditioning specializes in high performance strength and conditioning for athletes in all sports, all levels and all ages.

All training with SWEATY starts with standardized fitness tests to establish a baseline. We help you be your best and exceed your expectation by developing a training plan tailored specifically to your needs and current abilities. All our athletes are closely monitored, and we adjust the plan to keep pushing you to achieve more and to be better.

We build your personal training program with your sport in mind, timing intensities and workout selection based on your season length and timing.

These personalized training programs are also essential for preparing well for upcoming competitions and tournaments. If you want to start your next season better than you ended last year’s and break your personal bests, then SWEATY can help.

We regularly test our athletes to make sure their strength, agility, flexibility, and speed are improving. For local Steinbach athletes, whenever possible, we go out to watch our athletes in competition. This allows us to see how the training is impacting both practice and game performance. We can say with confidence that you will improve while training with SWEATY.