Sport Strength and Conditioning

Individual or Small Group Training

Sweaty Training & Conditioning specializes in high performance strength and conditioning for athletes in all sports, all levels and all ages.

All training with SWEATY starts with standardized fitness tests to establish a baseline. We help you be your best and exceed your expectation by developing a training plan tailored specifically to your needs and current abilities. All our athletes are closely monitored, and we adjust the plan to keep pushing you to achieve more and to be better.

We build your personal training program with your sport in mind, timing intensities and workout selection based on your season length and timing.

These personalized training programs are also essential for preparing well for upcoming competitions and tournaments. If you want to start your next season better than you ended last year’s and break your personal bests, then SWEATY can help.

We regularly test our athletes to make sure their strength, agility, flexibility, and speed are improving. For local Steinbach athletes, whenever possible, we go out to watch our athletes in competition. This allows us to see how the training is impacting both practice and game performance. We can say with confidence that you will improve while training with SWEATY.

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Team Dryland Training

SWEATY’s team training ensures that teams maintain their fitness levels throughout their season. Team programs help teach team members to work together, push each other, and provide team bonding outside of the team’s typical field of play while still working on sport development. Team programs are set up to appropriately coincide with each team’s game and practice schedules. The purpose is not solely to push teams through a rigorous workout every time they enter the gym, but to prepare them appropriately for each week at hand as each week throughout a season will have varying challenges with number of games or practices per team.

When possible, we go out to see the team play so we can adjust the training based on the needs of both practice and game time. This allows teams to get the results that they want in competition and improve their practice habits.

We also conduct team fitness tests upon request, which can help determine where teams may need to put in extra work. Testing throughout the season can also be of benefit for the coaching staff to better understand how athletes are responding to dryland training, as well as their practice and game schedules. It can also help coaches understand how each member of the team is progressing and identify which athletes are truly putting in the extra time and effort into their sport.

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Ladies Bootcamp

This is a ladies only bootcamp that offers a variety of strength and cardiovascular exercises. It is structured in such a way that each one hour session includes a dynamic warm up, a full body workout, and a cool down to finish. Using functional movements we create an environment where you are given the necessary tools and encouragement to reach your fitness goals, all while having a good time! In each class we introduce new exercises and different formats to keep your workouts fresh and challenging. With smaller class sizes each participant receives individual feedback to ensure proper and safe technique that can transfer into your everyday life. The exercises can easily be modified or adapted to accommodate any level of fitness and ability. If you have been looking to try something new, meet new people, or become more active, then this bootcamp is the class for you!